Senior Associate of Marketing & Communication

Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand · Kokotel


Kokotel Thailand is an ambitious start-up in the hospitality industry. It is a “Bed and Café Concept with Rooms for 4”, an integrated concept of F&B and accommodation. We aim to deploy 20 properties between 30-110 keys in Bangkok until 2020 and expand to 1,000 properties in India and South-East Asia as a game changer until 2030.

Kokotel’s name came from some Japanese words. The most important is “Kokoro (Heart)” This is a symbol of our commitment to provide heart-warming service with Thai Hospitality and Japanese Quality within Bed & Café Concept.


▪ Being a START-UP member who helps create/build strong organization together with COO (Highly responsible as a founding member)

▪ Responsible for increasing brand awareness of Kokotel by planning, managing and developing innovative marketing and communication plans, strategies and campaigns.

▪ As a Head of department, you are expected as a planner and a manager of your team member. You need to have proficient sense of marketing and communication, also are required to have experiences to manage staffs in some form.


Division roles are followings. Not only as planning, but you need to follow and manage your staffs to proceed tasks.

1. Build Strategy

a. Target Segmentation (Pre-Open): New Opening Location Investigation, Consumer Trend / Behavior Analysis, Reflect outcome to F&B / Design

b. Touch Point Analysis (Hotel): Before Visit, During Stay, After Leaving (what is fulfilled, what is shortage for each perspective), and Touch Point Analysis (F&B)

c. Communication Planning: (for above shortage parts) Prioritization to take an action, Coming up with communication way, ROI analysis

2. Promotion / Ads (ATL)

d. (range) 4 Mass Medias (TV / Radio / Magazine / Newspaper)

e. (tasks) Make / Update Media List (available / approach / potential), Update Media Plan (when / what / ads budget / how), Contents Specification / Update, Execution, Evaluation ROI

3. Promotion / Ads (Online)

f. (range) 3-1. Website / 3-2. Direct Booking Channel(VB) / 3-3. SNS (FB, LINE, IG) / 3-4. TripAdvisor / 3-5. Google / 3- 6. Other cyber space (banner, curation site, etc)

g. (tasks) Make / Update Media List (available / approach / potential), Update Media Plan (when / what / ads budget / how), Contents Specification / Update, Execution, Evaluation ROI

4. Promotion / Ads (Offline)

h. (range)4-1. Regular Event / 4-2. Ad hoc Event / 4-3. Additional Poster / Pop

i. (tasks) Make / Update Event List (including. Tour / Class / Tiny operational service), Update Event Plan (when / competitive point / budget / how), Contents / Tools / Props Creation and Guide Property, Execution at Property, Evaluation ROI

5. Marketing Research

j. (range) 5-1. Make / Update Market Research Plan / 5-2. TrustYou Survey / RepUp Survey

k. (tasks) Tourism Industry and Trend Analysis, Customer Satisfaction Analysis, Customer Needs Seeking Analysis, Brand Equity Evaluation, Competitor Trend Analysis

6. Marketing Tools Initiative

l. (range) 6-1. Marketing Request Management / 6-2. Marketing Tools Management (Pre-Opening) / 6-3. Merchandise

m. (tasks) Make / Update Merchandise List (existing / upcoming), Item Specification & Plan (size / material / target / benefit / profit), Sourcing / Supplier Communication (w/ Purchasing), Installment / Announcement, Push Up Promotion, Revenue Management and Report


▪ Native Thai Speaker

▪ Experience and knowledge in Marketing and Communication (Online and Offline experience)

▪ Supervisor/Managerial experience is a must.

▪ No need to have an experience to work at hotel / restaurant industry, management experience is a plus

▪ Strong passion/motivation to work in new hospitality business to create the largest hospitality chain

▪ Positive attitude, strong service mind, patient, leadership

▪ Excellent both verbal and written communication in Thai and English and inter-personal skill

▪ Proficient in general computer knowledge

▪ Being able to work on flexible hours as necessary

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