REAPRA is a business builder focusing in growing industries across Southeast Asia and looks for creative entrepreneurs and promising start-ups. Today we cover agriculture, healthcare, education, tech, and other industries across the Southeast Asia market, including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Bangladesh. REAPRA comes up with original business ideas and seeks entrepreneurial CEO's to create new business models.

Currently, we have created 14 subsidiaries, including 2 VC firms, managed by each CEO. REAPRA has invested in each subsidiary with early stage funding. Within the next two years, 16 more subsidiaries will be established. Each subsidiary will run and develop individually with the goal of optimizing its market valuation at US$2 billion within 10 years. REAPRA maintains majority ownership each subsidiary, and provides practical guidance and consulting on management, business strategy, human resources, sales & marketing, legal, operations and financing.

The philosophy of REAPRA is to contribute to building an affluent society through research and practice to create new industries and businesses that enhance the lives of people.

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